Monica Cannon – Respect for Community

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Monica Cannon – Respect for Community

Monica Cannon was recognized by our organization, Community Call for her outstanding dedication to pursuing peace in her neighborhood. She has presented her platform to Boston City Councilors, the Mayor of Boston, the Massachusetts Attorney General, the Boston Police Commissioner, the Suffolk County Sheriff, the Governor of Massachusetts, and testified at the Massachusetts State House. She is relentless in her determination to reduce gang violence in her neighborhood and has literally put her life on the line confronting gang members.

The submitted video shows highlights of Monica’s pursuit of Peace and includes photos of her with all of the previously mentioned City and State officials in addition to other projects she crusades for in her spare time as a single mother with five teenagers (three of her own and two adopted).

“I aspire to be an advocate for the voiceless and become successful enough to provide opportunity for those lacking thereof,” says Monica Cannon. Her signature quotation define Monica’s on going successful quest, “Little Girls with Dreams Become Women with Vision.”

Monica is a modern woman with dreams and vision. A proud single mother of three children between the ages of 12- 16 and two adopted teenagers. She has demonstrated tremendous courage. She is incredibly resilient and determined to work collaboratively to end the prevailing culture of violence despite living in a neighborhood plagued with violence.

In response to the senseless neighborhood violence, Monica is civically engaged. She established working relationships with elected officials at the local, state, and federal level. She is determined to work collaboratively, peacefully and effectively to put an end to the violent culture in Boston and beyond.

Monica’s accomplishments include:

  • Originated, produced and continues to host the annual Boston Back to School Block Party for Peace in Roxbury (six years to date). Monica distributes 600 free (donated) 600 backpacks with school supplies to inner city neighborhood children and free lunches, refreshments, and activities for all attendees.
  •  Director of Promotions for the volunteer based Boston Peace Collaborative (PC). working diligently and effectively to promote the annual Got Peace? Basketball Tournament as a guest speaker on local radio and television programs. She participates in PC organizational meetings, volunteers at the daylong event, which provides young people and their families with an opportunity to participate in the tournament and join in the fun cheering on their favorite neighborhood team.
  • Executive Director of the Tito Jackson Community Fund helping to produce and organize the annual 4,000 turkey dinner & district Annual Turkey Fry Block Party, serving a free dinner to over 800 people
  •  Administrator for the Merrill’s Court Basketball Association (MCBA) who hosts the annual “Fathers Are Champions Too” basketball tournament with dads and their children
  • Representative on the Citywide Parent Council for Boston Public Schools
  • Co-Chair for Civic Engagement of the NAACP Young Adult Committee
    Monica inspires all and certainly deserves everyone’s respect!

-Carolyn Edwards, Community Call