#gifRESPECT Weekly Winners and Favorites

Check out some of our favorite RESPECT GIFs, Memes and Videos! Don’t spread the hate – spread the LOVE.
Keep it positive. Share some RESPECT today!

  • Week 1 Winner: True Jackson

    Super high five pro by True and Oscarara: #gifrespect

  • Week 2 Winner: Daniela Rodriguez


  • Week 3 Winner: Ace Hosa – Three girls. 1 mission:  Teen Dating Abuse Stops Here. Marie Kiara and Stephenie

    When he/she obsessively texts you… #gifrespect

  • Week 4 Winner: Kendra Davis

    This Thanksgifing I am grateful for Respect. #gifrespect

  • Week 5 Winner:  Heather Kleekamp

    People being nice online makes Grumpy Cat happy. #gifrespect

  • Week 6 Winner: UNCG Dean of Students